What Are The Different Types of Yoga Certification?

What Are The Different Types of Yoga Certification?

There are two major designations awarded by Yoga alliance when it comes to getting yoga training certificates, although the basis of these are the same the only real difference is the hours of training you have took, the two most common ones are RYT200 and RYT 500 and these are recognized globally but there are times when the RYT200 doesn’t enable you to land certain certificates in some parts of the world and you wouldn’t be able to land a place in a professional yoga studio or a yoga and wellness center, at Marianne Wells Yoga School both of these programs are offered and people benefit from their services, along with this you can get a curated program as well which is also very amazing.

You can also take a different approach and take the full RYS500 course which is based on one single training routine with 500 hours as base training time while the other route is a much more common one and that is by taking a basic RYT200 hour course get its certification and then get a RYT300 course done, the reason why people take this route is because the programs are split into basic and then they notch it up a level where they learn more complex techniques and master the art of yoga in a bit more detail.

Since there is no government body that you need to get recognized with there are many who offer certifications but may or may not be registered with Yoga Alliance, this is something that you need to be mindful of when selecting yoga school, find a yoga school which is registered and provide you with a number of options plus flexibility with time as well which is really important too.

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