Why a Beach Pareo Makes a Great Travel Accessory

Why a Beach Pareo Makes a Great Travel Accessory

A beach pareo is a type of short sarong, worn by women all over the world as an easy-to-tan and easy-to-wear garment. Most pareos are made out of terry cloth, which is characterized by its nap or looped texture. In order to use a traditional pareos de playa as a travel accessory, you can wrap it around your waist like a belt and tie it into a knot at your front or back.

Here are reasons to consider a beach pareo as a great travel accessory, even though they are not necessarily the quickest:

  1. Beach pareos are extremely compact

Most pareos are less than a meter in length – so it’s really easy to tuck them into your bag or wrap them around your waist. What this means is that you can take one with you and wear it as a fashion accessory when you take an impromptu trip.

  1. Beach pareos are easy to wash

It’s nice to have a piece of clothing in your bag that you can quickly wash in the sink, without any special washing machine or dryer needed. Since a beach pareo is not too thick, you can easily wash it in the sink with a little bit of detergent and some water. If it gets really dirty, you can always carefully hand-wash it using just soap and a towel.


  1. Beach pareos are comfortable

A beach pareo is made out of a soft, plushy material that feels nice to wear against the skin. This means you will feel comfortable and stylish at the same time when you wear your beach pareo as a belt around your waist or as a shoulder wrap. A thin beach pareo can also be used as a sarong, tied at either side to create an easy dress or skirt – which can be worn on its own or with other pieces of clothing.

  1. Beach pareas are easy to carry around

Pareos are very thin and lightweight, so it’s easy to carry them around in your bag without really noticing that you have them. If you prefer not to wear a belt, you can also always wrap a beach pareo around your waist, as a sarong, with no problem.

  1. Beach pareos are ideal for wearing under a beach dress

If you want to be comfortable at the beach, but don’t have the time to change your dress each time, you can wrap your beach pareo around your waist and wear it underneath your swimsuit. This will give you a little bit more coverage and make you feel protected from the sun.

  1. Beach pareos have calming colors

A beach pareo is usually made of neutral colors like white, beige or yellow. This is because these colors can be worn with the color of the sea and sand – so they create a soothing and peaceful atmosphere.

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