Get some knowledge on types of actuator

Get some knowledge on types of actuator

The need for actuators has increased dramatically. Practically wherever you turn, one of the three motion systems is at work in an infinite number of applications. While some of the assumptions connected with pneumatic, hydraulic, and electric actuators may be valid, many of the ideas we have linked with these motion components are antiquated and need to be reconsidered. While you may believe that your application requires just one type of actuator, technical improvements have allowed us to study the intricacies of each, which may imply that you have more than one alternative for your project. It is critical to first determine the fundamental manner in which each sort of actuator performs its function. Checkout siłownik pneumatyczny


Pneumatic linear actuators are made up of a simple piston contained within a hollow cylinder. A manual pump or external compressor moves the piston within the cylinder housing, and as the pressure grows, the cylinder moves along the axis of the piston, creating the linear force required. It is returned to its original retracted length by applying a spring-back force or fluid to the opposite side of the piston.


Hydraulic linear actuators are quite similar to pneumatic actuators, except that an incompressible liquid is supplied via a pump instead of compressed air, which moves the cylinder in a linear motion. This hydraulic actuator consists of two fundamental components: a control device, such as variable throttles (nozzles with slide gates or paired slide valves with an initial axial gap), and an actuation component, such as a piston or regulating valve slide. Know about siłownik pneumatyczny


Electric linear actuators transform the rotational force of a motor (electric energy) into linear movement (torque). The nut will move in a line up and down by turning the actuator’s screw via the motor, generating the push/pull action for the load.

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