Drug Addiction Counselling – Treating Drug Addiction

Drug Addiction Counselling – Treating Drug Addiction

Drug addiction counselling can be quite helpful in overcoming drug addiction, but the process will not be easy. It is important to understand the disease’s causes and how counselling can help during treatment.

Causes of Drug Addiction

Drug addiction is dependent on an individual’s medical history and genetics. Certain drugs can also predispose someone to become addicted as they affect a neurotransmitter in the brain known as dopamine. Drugs that depend on dopamine are alcohol, marijuana, cocaine, methamphetamine and heroin.

When dopamine levels are too high, the brain attempts to bring it back to normal by reducing its production. Neurotransmitters such as GABA and endorphins are released as a counterbalance, which makes users feel depressed and anxious. Drug addiction counselling can help individuals experience these feelings without turning to drugs.

Counselling and Drug Addiction

Drug addiction counseling in Ohio or drug rehab is different than individual drug therapy. Drug addiction counselling teaches problem-solving techniques and lifestyle changes. The goal of being in drug rehab is not to be released but to change behavior and make amends for past mistakes.

Counsellors believe that certain techniques can help addicts overcome their addiction. These techniques are often used in family therapy as well, so counsellors are trained to use them in their approaches toward drug users. Successful counsellors use motivational interviewing and cognitive behavioral therapy, which address the aspects of the personality that make addicts want to use drugs.

Counselling for those who want treatment but don’t need it has been less successful than counselling for those in treatment. It is difficult to treat an addiction without having an addict’s complete motivation and commitment. Counselling is also effective when combined with other types of treatment, such as drug rehab, partial hospitalization or residential treatment.

Drug Addiction Counselling

Counseling Drug Addiction? First of all we have to talk about what counselling is and why we need it. Counselling is an interactive process that focuses on the client’s unique journey and possibilities. During counselling you get to unpack the reasons you are seeking help. Counselling is a process where you can develop a trusting relationship with an experienced counsellor who will aim to guide and support you on your path towards recovery from drug addiction or mental health issues or both.

Drug addiction is a serious, life-threatening disease that affects both mental and physical health. Addicts are vulnerable to broken bones, loss of teeth, liver damage and bacterial infections. They may also suffer from malnutrition. Drug addiction counselling aims to treat these conditions while teaching the individual how to avoid them in the future. Counselling also helps individuals deal with feelings of shame and guilt, which can prevent addicts from seeking help.

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