A Short Note on Different Techniques Used in the Radiology Diagnosis

A Short Note on Different Techniques Used in the Radiology Diagnosis

Technology is made people’s life so easy and that has strong implications in the field of medicine too. So many doctors are using this advanced technology for diagnosis and also for treatment. In any way to provide the treatment, the proper diagnosis is needed which will reveal the conditions of the patient.  There are many advanced technologies are introduced every year but not all of them are invasive and some of them are non-invasive too. Beyond that many will be exploratory. Anyway, the much-needed diagnosis technology will reach the field and the people properly.

This diagnosis technology will provide the results in two ways providing the data alone and some of them are providing the imaging. But mostly imaging systems are used to diagnose thoroughly. In this radiology imaging is a more needed one and also the familiar one Let us see some of that diagnostic imaging.

Radiology diagnosis is used in the field of medicine and it is a noninvasive technique that will be much helpful in diagnosing certain diseases. In this kind of technology, radiation needs to be used and that is usually a low dose the results are used to get imaging patterns to identify the disease’s nature and other details. The following radiology imaging technology is used in the medical field for diagnosis.


  • Ultrasound: Using high-frequency sound waves to get the image of organs, tissues, and also vessels.
  • Computed Tomography (or) CT Scans: It is the combination of images obtained by using X-rays at various angles. Through this, the cross-sectional images of the tissues, bones, and vessels can be seen.
  • Radiography: This is the technique used to image the internal parts of the human body where the X–ray is the radiation used in this. Through this, the static image can be obtained as the diagnosis result.
  • MRI (or) Magnetic Resonance Imaging: Anatomy and the physiological activities of the body can be images through this technique. A strong magnetic field is used in this hence no metal should expose to this technique.

All these techniques can be operated and also the results can be intercepted by only the skilled person who studied well the instrument. Hence to work with these techniques the person needs to complete the Radiodiagnostic Facilities Director Course (
curso de director de instalaciones de radiodiagnostico) so that they will handle that properly. Altogether the technology using radiation called radiology diagnostic is meant to be the collection of noninvasive techniques to capture the status of the inner organs to identify the different diseases.

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