What kind of foods can trigger your headaches or migraine?

What kind of foods can trigger your headaches or migraine?

Experiencing a headache you want to disappear from the world. People are experiencing chronic headaches from tension, migraine, or cluster headaches. Did you know that most women are experiencing headaches compared to men? It is because women have a brain chemical known as serotonin that plays the important role in depression and pain. Once the hormone estrogen drops the serotonin levels will change.

Suffering from tension, sinus headaches, migraines, and all kinds of headaches have the same central thread that can cause it. The outer or inner can cause the body to respond with pain which your head can experience. It can also trigger the foods that you’re taking, environment, chemicals, hormones, and more but it can depend on every person.

When you think that foods can cause your headaches there are specific foods like caffeine, chocolate, and alcohol can be one of those reasons. There are classic foods that can cause headaches in every people but they could be different. It is better that you follow a diet or having a list to document your headaches.


A study showed that cocoa can protect your nerve cells from having a migraine. But the remaining percent of people are suffering from headaches when they consume chocolates. Most people have an increased appetite and food cravings before the migraine or headaches hit. The chocolate can cause migraines instead of healing them.

Red wine

There is a study that alcoholic beverages can trigger a chemical that is present in alcohol which is histamine and tyramine. A beverage that has a lot of histamines is red wine.

Aged cheese

For those people that love to eat cheese, it can also cause your migraine. As there is tyramine involved in the cheese. You might need to avoid eating brie, cheddar, mozzarella, blue cheese, and swiss.

Citrus fruits

Eating fresh fruits is the best way to avoid migraines but you have to be certain of what fruits you’re going to eat. They say that lemons, oranges, lime, and grapefruits can cause migraines. Although they are not usually causing your migraine. It is better to list the fruits you’re taking to know which one is causing your migraine.


There are foods that cause headaches that are made out of yeast like bread, cakes, and donuts can be a trigger to your migraine. There is an ingredient which is tyramine that can be found in alcohol and cheese. It is the reason why you’re having a migraine.

Nuts and seeds

It will be the saddest part when you love to eat almond butter. The peanuts, almonds, certain nuts, and seeds have tyramine. But it will still depend on every individual as different people have other experiences towards this.

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