Tips to Help You Avoid Ostomy Bag Leakage

Tips to Help You Avoid Ostomy Bag Leakage

Taking care of your stoma and avoiding leakage is an easy task. However, some small mistakes in the process of handling your stoma and bodily fluids can cause your ostomy bag to leak.

Today, we will teach you how you can avoid ostomy bag leakage easily. These tips will also help you protect an ostomy bag when exercising.

Take Care of Your Skin

If you have an ostomy bag which you attach to your stoma on a daily basis, you must take care of the skin around stoma. That is because improper skin care routine around the ostomy area can cause the skin to get irritated, and you will have to place the ostomy bag over the irritated skin, which can become very difficult to manage.

You can easily find some great skin care tips for the skin around your stoma. Follow them to keep your skin glowing after your ostomy procedure.

Make Things Fit Properly

If you are using a skin barrier for your stoma, you should invest in a good quality skin barrier to avoid any type of drainage from irritating your skin.

So, if you invest in a good quality skin barrier, it will keep your stoma perfect. The skin barrier is basically used to avoid any type of leakage when the fluid is traveling from your body to the ostomy bag.

Keep Changing Your Ostomy Bag

No matter how your ostomy bag is built, it will start leaking after sometime. So, keep changing your ostomy bag after regular intervals to avoid leakage.

Moreover, you should always keep spare ostomy bags with you while traveling. This will allow you to change the ostomy bag once it gets filled partially. This will help avoid unnecessary strain from affecting your stoma.

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