Facts About Hamilton Which You Must Know

Facts About Hamilton Which You Must Know

If you know Hamilton, you will also know that it is one of the most successful musicals ever made. Ever since it started, Hamilton has been a huge success both on Broadway and overseas. The popular Broadway show is even coming to Canada now.

No matter where the Hamilton show is hosted, the tickets sell out immediately after becoming available. Moreover, there are lots of things and facts you should know about this Broadway show. Without these facts, you won’t be able to understand the show completely.

It’s Mainly About Alexander Hamilton

The story of the Hamilton musical is mainly about Sir Alexander Hamilton, who was one of the founding fathers of America. He was basically an immigrant from the Caribbean who later on became the right hand of George Washington. They took part in the American Revolutionary War. Alexander Hamilton also became the first ever secretary of the US treasury.

Broadway show

While you might think that the whole show is about boring history, it actually isn’t. Rather, rap is used to sing the whole story to you, and this is what makes watching Hamilton worth it. So, even if you do not like history classes, you will definitely love Hamilton because of the way it is represented.

It Started With a Book And Vacation

The creator of the Hamilton musical, Lin-Manuel Miranda was on a vacation to Mexico when he got the idea of writing the Hamilton musical. He was reading the biography of Alexander Hamilton when he thought about writing a show on it.

He later on said that the story was so great that he thought someone had already written a musical on it. Since there was nothing good made on the life of Alexander Hamilton before, Miranda took it to himself and got to work right away.

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