Advantages of creating animated explanatory videos

Advantages of creating animated explanatory videos

When a company or educational institution needs to deliver content that is not easy to understand, they look to animated videos for the right resource to get their message across. Animated Punchy Digital Media videos are not the future, they are the present.  Everyone loves an animated video.

Practicality: We usually use motion graphics and 2D animations to create this modality of animated explanatory video, that is, it is not necessary to record images and use a large team. Variety in distribution: If your goal is to sell a product or service, the explanatory video is the best solution, as you can include it on your landing pages, on your social media pages like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, in a presentation to a client and other opportunities.

 Easier to understand: An animated video can better deliver content to its recipient, ensuring a plausible understanding of your product or service.

A prepared team

Punchy Digital Media

 Over time, the techniques improve, valuing the audiovisual market and enabling delivery with more quality and generating more results.

It is important to be concerned with always being attentive to news, using up-to-date equipment and software and keeping the team fully prepared to meet and exceed all expectations, creating animated videos that are increasingly interesting and dynamic for any audience.

The way of making explanatory videos:

BRIEFING – To produce an animated video, we started by gathering information from the client, with questions prepared according to what should be produced, the famous briefing.

SOLUTION – Then, we analyze the production structure, format and its needs, according to the main idea and the budget (investment that the client has available for the project).

SCRIPT– Once the solution is approved, we elaborate the script using the client’s know-how regarding the solution and its audiovisual expertise combined with marketing techniques, psychology, storytelling and cinematographic visual structures.

PRODUCTION – Now leave it to us!  We apply whatever is necessary for the animation to be as agreed, from the choice of voice, image transition, visual elements, soundtrack and format and finalization. Generate new business opportunities and win your audience.

The power of explanatory videos

The explanatory videos are used to tell how your app or online tool works, to show the characteristics of a product or explain any service.

Boost your social networks and build public loyalty with video tips, save time for your sales representatives explaining the advantages of your services, and solve your customers’ doubts by showing them the operation of your website or app step by step.

The approximate time for an Explanatory Video is  between 15 and 45 seconds to 2 minutes , although the standard is around 1 minute . Consumers are impatient and demand information on the spot. Therefore, it is not recommended that this type of video exceeds these times. It has been shown that the longer the duration, the more disinterest the viewer shows, causing a possible loss of a viewer-client.

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